Monday, January 31, 2011

Poisson Rouge

If you have young children you must, I say must check out this amazing website.  My three year old cannot get enough of it. It is creative learning at it's best, with loads of lovely puzzles, fun games and other challenging tools to expand your little one's mind

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

diapers, pottys and mayonnaise

The DAY has come. I finally know what it means to be truly happy, well today, happiness is not having to make any more trips to the diaper and wipee isle at Target.  No more toting around the diaper bag, no more yucky smelly diapers...EVER.  My Little A has joined her brother and sister and the rest of us grown-ups in doing the "doodie" on the potty. 

Life is good.

Now if I can just get her to quit eating out of the mayonnaise jar in the refrigerator.

image source: webMD

Friday, January 21, 2011

fabulous friday

I want to be that happy! I want to be so silly and ecstatic that I have drool dripping off my bottom lip. OK, well maybe not.  But I do want to feel good today.  After all, the week is over and that means we are one week closer to warmer weather, to summer, to freckles and flip flops, bikinis and bar-b-ques. That's really what life is all about isn't it?  I mean being silly happy.  What's the use in living any other way.  I'm a work in progress and trying to really find my niche.  I'm working out the kinks and smoothing out the wrinkles.  I am really going to find my true happiness damn it!  Also, doing plenty of crunches in preparation for the bikini.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

wood this make you smile?

I found this peeking out at me from under a rock at the edge of Lake Maurepas, Ponchatoula, seriously! 
That was a good day.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did I just register for college?

Intro to Sociology
Human Growth and Development
Anatomy and Physiology I

Applied and registered on-line today...Spring term starts January 31...working towards my Associate Degree in Nursing.
House is a WRECK and that's putting it nicely, we are having breakfast for dinner tonight, kids are attention deprived, running around the house pulling diapers off, screaming and whining for sippy cups and droopy-eyed from watching Despicable Me all day while mommy was on the computer trying to "better herself".  
Did I just register for college?  Good luck with THAT Jen

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Friday, January 14, 2011

fabulous friday

So, I woke up refreshed like I had been hibernating all week, and I have.  The average high has been 30 something and I am NOT liking it one bit. I've had no energy, my skin feels like sandpaper and I'm pale as a ghost.  I think I'm suffering from a vitamin D deficiency, really.  Cold weather puts me into a coma.  I'd be perfectly happy living on an island near the equator wearing a bathing suit and flip flops all year long...really who wouldn't?

Did I mention I'm NOT liking this cold weather?  

It's really amazing what a little pampering can do because now I'm feeling almost fabulous, well, as fabulous as I can in the middle of this wintery season. 


Thursday, January 13, 2011

wet feet

I am having a time hard trying to decide exactly how I want to move forward with my blog.  I know I don't want to advertise or sell or giveaway anything, at least at present.  I didn't even know bloggers did that sort of thing until just recently!  Boy where have I been, right?  Well I know I can type and I can post pictures and I can pour my guts out but what exactly and how exactly should I? I don't want to offend anyone or say something I may regret later.  Humm, I guess I need to just say whats on my mind and if I need to reach for the delete button a few weeks later well, so be it.

Here we go...
It goes without saying I love my children with all my heart.  They make me laugh, cry, scream, roll my eyes, shout, even sound like my own parents sometimes but in the end they really just make me a better person.  They make me accountable for my actions and even my thoughts, as any good parent should be!  I am so grateful to have each one of them and enjoy their different little personalities each one being as interesting as the next.  

Amber is 10 going on 15, need I say more.  She keeps me on my toes with her quick wit and dry but great sense of humor. She plays the flute and loves to draw and paint.  Miss A wants to grow up and be my little baby girl at the same time. I finally broke down and bought her a cell phone a couple of weeks ago.  Its really a nice phone and I'm quite surprised at myself for being so okay with it.  I used to be the mom who would say "no" till I was blue in the face.  Now-a-days I'm saying yes a whole lot more often.  I can't really put my finger on why I decided to give her the cell phone after being so adamant about her not having one.  Maybe I am trying to give her a littIe room to grow. I see myself evolving as a person and a parent as the years pass and I get older and they too get older and more complicated.  I also struggle sometimes with myself because I still feel like a kid too.  Even though I may have insecurities and doubts and I may be struggling in myself with life, I will always do what I feel is best for my children and always put them first, no question about that.

My son Owen is 3.  He is the spitting image of his father when he was young, a very handsome young man. He is the most loving, tender hearted little guy I know. He tells me he loves me and gives me big hugs all day long.  He said the other day "mommy I want you to be happy".  And I am. He reminds me to be happy for him and his two sisters everyday. He is also smart as a whip, knows the entire alphabet, can write and spell his name, knows colors, shapes and numbers too! He practically potty trained himself in one day, just woke up that morning and decided he was going to wear his underwear and has ever since. He can't fall asleep at night without his sippy cup of milk and me by his side.

Ava is 2 and she is my caboose. She has a head full of beautiful curls that are as quirky and cute as her personality.  She calls me Jennifer. She climbs on countertops, chairs and anything that will get her to where she wants to be...and usually that's where the candy is. She sings and dances to her own music and even when there is none playing. She often sings herself to sleep.  Little A can count to 10 and loves to color but will argue with you that the blue crayon is pink. She too has just about potty trained herself, obviously by watching her big brother as shown here in the photo.

OK, so that went pretty well.  My next post will most likely be about how each one of them made me want to pull my hair out, lock myself in my room with my favorite DMB cd and a really strong margarita!