Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Did I just register for college?

Intro to Sociology
Human Growth and Development
Anatomy and Physiology I

Applied and registered on-line today...Spring term starts January 31...working towards my Associate Degree in Nursing.
House is a WRECK and that's putting it nicely, we are having breakfast for dinner tonight, kids are attention deprived, running around the house pulling diapers off, screaming and whining for sippy cups and droopy-eyed from watching Despicable Me all day while mommy was on the computer trying to "better herself".  
Did I just register for college?  Good luck with THAT Jen

image source: wolverinestaffing.com


  1. I agree- Good luck to you!!! It may be chaotic now but one day it will pay off. I am now your newest follower.

    All my best!


  2. Wow...that's fantastic! My husband just completed his master's last year and my friend is currently working through a nursing program. I have so much respect for people who find a way to juggle it all...Good Luck!!