Tuesday, February 1, 2011

little A strikes again

Again, caught with her hand in the mayonnaise jar. And you guys thought I was kidding.  Well, this morning I hear Little A plundering in the kitchen and ask "What are you getting into?" and she replied without hesitation "trouble".

She also loves gobbling up the butter out of the butter dish and sampling the ketchup and chocolate syrup, but not all at the same time of course. The frozen pancakes come in handy when she's ready for a snack as do the M&M's that I hide, obviously not very well and the string cheese sticks.  Girl is not picky I tell you.  And yes, I do have a lock on the fridge, I'm just lazy about using it sometimes and she's got a keen eye for that.  Little A always knows when to make her move!


  1. HA HA!!! What brand of mayo do you buy?? At least it's the good stuff, right?

    Thanks for sharing. I needed that laugh.

  2. I'm glad I could help Michelle ;) and yes, it's the good stuff!