Tuesday, March 1, 2011

birthday boy - part deux

since today is his actual birthday...
Happy Birthday my sweet baby Owen
I miss the little baby toes and baby button nose, but he is growing into a wonderful little boy whom I love with all my heart.  He is my sweet boy who still loves his sippy cup of milk at bedtime and can't fall asleep without me by his side.  He can write and spell his name, knows colors, shapes and numbers and can't wait to start school just like his big sister.  His favorite food is SALAD and loves push-ups and yellow cookies (yellow oreos).  Everyday is full of lots of hugs and kisses from Owen and lots of "I love you mom".  Since it is his birthday, I'm gonna stop there and not mention that he's also addicted to our Wii and loves to chase his little sister around the house trying to tackle her, Oh wait, I just did.  
Being a mommy is very rewarding and often times not-so-rewarding too, and hectic, hair-raising, mentally draining, and so on, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

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