Saturday, March 26, 2011

what did the momma tomato say to the baby tomato... they crossed the street?  "Ketchup!"

And so it goes...
I've been very busy since my last post dated back two weeks ago. I am steadily keeping up with my school work and about mid-way through the semester.  Working 12 hour night shifts has provided to be difficult after the 6th shift, especially when I mistakenly try to squeeze in a night out to see a concert with some friends.  Who do I think I am? My ability to function on no sleep and a diet of cherry cokes and vodka disappeared somewhere back in 1998.  

Tonight Miss A and I decided to do a little mommy-daughter bonding and catching up.  We thoroughly enjoyed some ribs and Rango, which by the way is a very good movie.  My favorite line from the movie is "A man can not walk out on his own story".  My favorite line from my conversation with Miss A..."Mom, I'm too skinny for my skinny jeans".

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