Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my vintage find :


I just gave my daughter a vintage 1985 swatch watch.  I've been searching for Swatches from the 1980's and found several that I HAVE to have. I am still drawn to the Swatches because they're colorful, great looking and a mega memory for me from the days of neon and New Order.  Check out the newest Swatch watches!

I'm sure she was totally excited to have a Swatch because anything that I like, she likes too.  Later that night I see her in the tub with the watch under the running water and thought, humm, ok.  Then, much later that same night she says to me "I just washed this thing and it still smells like a 100 year old person."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

our summer break :

sand and surf style

I'm thinking I'll let my snapshots speak for themselves.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my very first blogger award :

the versatile blogger

I want to give thanks to Beth over at Far from Camelot for honoring me in her selection for this award.  How cool is it to know that others are not only reading my blog but actually enjoying it and enjoying it enough to mention it in their own blogs.  Wow, thanks so much!

So Here is How It Works:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award by linking back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 or 16 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news!

My seven things...
1. I love Converse All-Star tennis shoes and wear them a lot, even with dresses.
2. I still die my hair black, now not so much for the coolness effect but to cover lots of grey.
3. I am addicted to Cherry Coke.
4. I used to smoke cigarettes and quit the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first child, eleven years ago.
5. I have two tattoos and want many more.
6. I love being a mom.
7. I am an artist, I think.

My favorite blogs...
The Adventures of Supermom
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Monday, June 6, 2011

weekend shopping spree :

Momma's (not-so-free) therapy

Our weekend was great once it got started. I worked Friday night at the hospital on my supposed weekend off which kinda set me back a whole day because I could not open my eyes until somewhere around 3pm on Saturday afternoon.  Of course it was not for the lack of effort on my children's part for heaven's sake they were in and out of the room and in my face literally all day, until I finally rose from the dead.

I promised them I would take them to the Disney Store and that's exactly what we did.  I drove about 60 miles to the mall and with birthday money in hand we set out for the store. It was quite fun and even relaxing I tell you, getting out with my kiddos and seeing them excited and happy. They ran through the store in search of puffles and other Cars related merchandise.  Little A right away picked out a princess nightgown and a pink Minnie Mouse cell phone.

Once we purchased our loot we were off again, stopping for cinnamon and sugar pretzels. We made a few other stops and purchases before we walked passed the Claires and I spurted out without thinking "lets get Ava's ears pierced." As soon as I said that I regretted it. I got really nervous for her. Getting Miss A's ears pierced was a bit traumatic and we both remember it still to this day. But Miss A talked me into it and before I knew it, my Little A was in the big chair sitting in her big sister's lap, waiting for holes to be poked into her sweet little baby ears.  She had no idea what was about to happen and how it was gonna hurt.  What the hell was I thinking? Oh, right, I wasn't!

At the end of the day we were all happy just to have spent that time together, and of course it didn't hurt that we bought a bunch of cool stuff.  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

my favorite things

Since we will be moving soon, by the end of the summer, I have had a LOT on my mind.  I find myself daydreaming a lot lately about my kids rooms. I cannot wait to get settled and put their rooms together so that they will each have their own wonderful space to sleep and play. I'm planning to mix some of their older things with some fresh new ones. The two little ones will be sharing a room with matching sleigh beds and Miss A will have her own room of course.  I handed down her sleigh bed to Little A and finally bought Miss A the bunkbed she's wanted since she was itty bitty.   Here are a few of my favorites, just for them.

I have a "thing" for pennants 
and even the sailboats are cute here! 
image source: google

These Scrabble pillows are fantastic, found them here
I can spell out each of their names or just their initials

This little cheese quesadilla is adorable along 
with the chocolate chip cookies 
and other felt foods I found here.
Little A would play for hours in her kitchen with these!

 I found this sweet upcycled 
vintage kids book framed wall art here

I think these shelving units would be fantastic 
in any kid's room, found them here

Finally, this room I found here is to die for 
love love love the rocker and the rug!!!