Saturday, July 9, 2011

weekend project :

friendship bracelets

the How To:
Pick up to 5 threads (the more colors you choose the wider your bracelet will be)
Align the string, fold in half and tie  knot 1/2 inch from fold forming a loop.

Separate strings in order of how you want the pattern (color) to form.  
Hold string #1 with your left hand and string #2 with your right hand, loop string #1 in front making a number "4". While holding string #1 and #2 form a right handed double knot.  After double knot is complete move string #2 to the string #1 position, while holding string #1 in hand.  Take string #1 and make the same double knot around string #3.  After double knot is complete move string #3 to the #2 position...

Continue to tie double knots on strings #4 thru... with string #1 until you finish the row.  When you have completed tying the double knot on the last string, place string #1 in the last position.  Now you have finished a row.  Start over with the new string #1 and continue making rows.
When you think your bracelet is long enough to fit around your wrist, cut the excess string and tie in a knot.

Once you've finished your bracelet, give it to someone you love!

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