Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

caught this little bugger at the park this morning

and these little kiddos were hang'in out too

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

from the hip

Just a quickie this afternoon...

The little ones are having baked ziti pasta with colby and cheddar jack cheese and grape tomatoes for lunch while watching Ponyo. LOVE that movie by the way.  So I have a moment to blog about what's been on my mind lately and under my pillow.  

I'll just come right out and say it.  I sleep with my cell phone under my pillow, most nights it's plugged in because I use it to wake up in the mornings.  When I go to the bathroom, sometimes, my phone comes with me.  When we are at the park and the kids are on the swing or the slide, my phone is in my hand and I'm scrolling the apps for Instagram which happens to be my FAVORITE app in the whole wide world.  Thank you oh my goodness to the guys who came up with that sweet little app.  Oh yes, that should be my next blog post...all about me and my addiction to Instagram with tons of pictures from my profile.  You really should come see me over there too.

Anyhoo, back to my original train of thought.  I have become attached, almost literally at the hip, to my cell phone.  It's bizarre really.  I have never been attached to anything, except maybe sleep.  I'm not the most social person you'll ever meet either, although I do have a Facebook and a Twitter account.  Between those two I MAY have 200 friends/followers.  Like I said...

There is something annoying me about this whole thing.  Since when did I become that dependent on technology and social networking...and the weather???  I am constantly lugging the thing around and trying to keep a full battery charge.  My keys and the iPhone, and sometimes I have no pockets.  I carry it from room to room in my house. It's even in the pocket of my scrubs while I'm at work.  Crazy right?

Though they smile sweetly, my kids sometimes get annoyed with me constantly pleading for a "smile" as I snap random pics of them trying to have fun or play... Maybe in revenge, they've loaded it up with silly game apps and my youngest daughter has changed the wallpaper picture and my oldest daughter changes settings and moves apps around so much I barely know where to look when I need to reply to/send a text (yes, I text), update my status or check the weather, set my alarm, check my Etsy shop, listen to my favorite 80's bands on Pandora Radio, get driving directions or find the closest sno-ball stand.

There's something kinda cool about having so much information at your fingertips, on the very first day you take that pretty little phone out of it's box.  After that, well...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Finally : a post

without major apologies and any further adieu... here's where we have been and what we have been up to....

July had me going back and forth from state to state, landing a new job, a great job really and moving into our NEW home and moving our things out of storage and out of our family's homes into our own.  What a feeling it is to have everything I own back under ONE roof...and THAT is just the beginning.

Woo hoo!

Reason for the move : the obvious...since the separation (hate that dang word) the kids and I have been living several hundred miles from their Dad, with my family.  It has been a difficult road to travel and I've made several trips back and forth so that the kids could see their dad, which has been very hard on my pocketbook and my kids.  I want my children to be close to their dad so that he and I can both co-parent and so that our children will have the opportunity to grow up and with their dad in their lives on a daily and constant basis. 

Whew.  With that being said...

Goodness gracious I can not thank my parents enough for all they have done for us.  They have supported me in my decisions and supported my kiddos and stepped in when I needed help during the most difficult time of my life.  I know that I would do the same for any one of my children as I am sure you reading this, would too. 

Yes, this post may be a long-ish one so just skim through until you see something that catches your eye, or if you have plenty of idle time on your hands read the entire thing.  I know, idle time? What is that?

Of course we squeezed in plenty of sno-balls, afternoons at the beach and dips in the pool between my road trips...really...what's summer without that stuff right?

somewhere between Florida and Alabama

my kids love their goggles
and their crocs, and yes, crocs are cute ONLY in a kids size 9

on my way to my first day of work (orientation)
excited as heck, missing my babies too

and here it is, the long awaited...

getting settled in

It's an old craftsman style house circa 1914, just two blocks off the main street in our little town, with a giant screened-in front porch, original working fireplace, pine floors and lots and lots of windows and space to run and play.  It's not perfect and but the house has lots of character and potential for greatness.  We are 10 minutes from the nearest State Park/beach/creek and 25 minutes from the white sandy beaches and greenish blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico...and of course Dad.

In a box that had been stowed away for several years among lots of sweet baby Amber memories and lovely hand-me-downs, we found Amber's old pair of pink Converse and a scarf that just so happen to fit Ava perfectly.

It was a difficult transition, but not anymore difficult than the last two years had been.  So, I was ready to take on the challenge.  I missed my kiddos when I left them with their beloved Mimi and Poppa.  As I traveled back and forth for work and the move, the kids stayed with Mimi and Poppa off and on and Amber continued to the horseback riding lessons.  During my first week of work I get a phone call from Mimi 300 miles away... Amber fell off the horse during a trail ride and broke her leg... my POOR baby girl.  It was her tibia, broke clean in half.  And I wasn't able to be there to comfort her.  Now it had become even more heart wrenching that I was so far away.

this was taken the morning just before she fell
Lawman is his name

one of my favorite things to photograph is a

trying to make the most of our summer

I'll never forget the day she said she wanted pigtails.  Lately she's been more open to me fixing her hair, like her big sister with pony tails and braids.  Of course I got my phone out and took several pictures.   She poses for me now, sometimes.

more beautiful sunsets on the beach

 gotta include some seagulls too!

Finally, the kids have really enjoyed seeing their dad of course and two of my three have started school.  Ahh, the summer has come to a close.  Even though we all miss family back home we have enjoyed our time here and our new home together.  It feels so good to have all my baby birds back in the nest with me.  I can't begin to explain every bit of what we have been through as a family since the separation but I can say that we have gotten through it and will continue to be strong and move forward.  Everyday is a new day.  

Amber is a 6th grader now and my sweet baby Owen is in Pre K.  He cried the first week of school and could barely stand for me to leave him.  Kinda reminds me of a little girl I remember clinging to my leg for dear life when I dropped her off at school.  Amber has a second cast, a smaller one just below her knee which should be coming off next week, thank goodness!   She has gone to school and managed to get to her classes on time, dress out for gym and navigate the halls of a brand new school with her cast on and crutches, carrying a 20 pound backpack.   Just this week Owen has done much better with the separation anxiety and has continued to have great reports from his teachers.  Little Ava insists on going to school too but I think I shall wait a little longer before I cross that bridge.  Frankly I have really enjoyed our mommy and daughter time.  It's been nice just having one little one in the backseat with me and we've enjoyed our little get-a-ways to the park too.  I didn't realize I might have actually needed some one on one time with her, and her with me.  All things work out for the best, they really do.

mommy and Ava time at the park

I promise my next post won't be two months from now.  Good night and thanks for staying till the very end!