Tuesday, September 13, 2011

from the hip

Just a quickie this afternoon...

The little ones are having baked ziti pasta with colby and cheddar jack cheese and grape tomatoes for lunch while watching Ponyo. LOVE that movie by the way.  So I have a moment to blog about what's been on my mind lately and under my pillow.  

I'll just come right out and say it.  I sleep with my cell phone under my pillow, most nights it's plugged in because I use it to wake up in the mornings.  When I go to the bathroom, sometimes, my phone comes with me.  When we are at the park and the kids are on the swing or the slide, my phone is in my hand and I'm scrolling the apps for Instagram which happens to be my FAVORITE app in the whole wide world.  Thank you oh my goodness to the guys who came up with that sweet little app.  Oh yes, that should be my next blog post...all about me and my addiction to Instagram with tons of pictures from my profile.  You really should come see me over there too.

Anyhoo, back to my original train of thought.  I have become attached, almost literally at the hip, to my cell phone.  It's bizarre really.  I have never been attached to anything, except maybe sleep.  I'm not the most social person you'll ever meet either, although I do have a Facebook and a Twitter account.  Between those two I MAY have 200 friends/followers.  Like I said...

There is something annoying me about this whole thing.  Since when did I become that dependent on technology and social networking...and the weather???  I am constantly lugging the thing around and trying to keep a full battery charge.  My keys and the iPhone, and sometimes I have no pockets.  I carry it from room to room in my house. It's even in the pocket of my scrubs while I'm at work.  Crazy right?

Though they smile sweetly, my kids sometimes get annoyed with me constantly pleading for a "smile" as I snap random pics of them trying to have fun or play... Maybe in revenge, they've loaded it up with silly game apps and my youngest daughter has changed the wallpaper picture and my oldest daughter changes settings and moves apps around so much I barely know where to look when I need to reply to/send a text (yes, I text), update my status or check the weather, set my alarm, check my Etsy shop, listen to my favorite 80's bands on Pandora Radio, get driving directions or find the closest sno-ball stand.

There's something kinda cool about having so much information at your fingertips, on the very first day you take that pretty little phone out of it's box.  After that, well...

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