Saturday, October 22, 2011

me again!

Yes, I am still out here shamefully lingering in this wonderful blogosphere with my ever-so-pitiful and horribly neglected blog. Where have I been you are asking?

I've been busy as hell and tired as hell to boot. Getting settled into a new routine in a new house, in a new town, working full time at a new job with three kiddos and as a SINGLE parent has proved to be quite the task. Don't get me wrong, I've had plenty of help and support from family and from their daddy but at the end of the day its ME that holds the weight of the world on my shoulders here. I'm not complaining either. I am happy. I'm doing this thing! I am actually living my life now like a big girl.

Wanna know why and how? Well, I freed myself from people and things that were holding me back and bringing me down. I happily and eagerly look to my future not regretfully into my past.  I have family supporting me and enabling me to make this difficult transition and last but definitely NOT least, I have the most amazing, heart melting true love from a man who has shown me just what that truly is and means. Woah I am a lucky girl. Life really does begin at 40. Nope, I'm not quite 40 just yet.

One of these days I will tell you all about this wonderful man, the love of my life, but for now I will just leave it at that. He deserves his very own blog post.

I've been busy making our house a home adding little things here and there to make it more comfortable and more like our space. I bought an end table at a thrift store for $10, painted it with chalkboard paint and turned it into our game table/coffee table. The kids went nuts over it and I think it looks super awesome in the livingroom.  $10 well spent! (of course the quart of chalkboard paint cost me $14)

We are still taking afternoon trips to the beach. It's always packed with tourists and locals hoping to hold into their tan as long as they can I guess. The water is getting cold but it's still tons-o-fun.

Lately, we've been taking walks enjoying this wonderful cool weather, reading books, watching movies and shopping for Halloween costumes and decorations. Life is good mostly, when the kids aren't on my last nerve fighting and screaming at eachother to share a toy or missing the potty or spilling yogurt all over the kitchen floor then smearing it in maybe hoping it will disappear between the cracks in the wood grain. On a sweeter note, I think the kids have gotten settled into our new space and adjusted very well to the new surroundings and their new schools. I am very proud of them, as always. I love them so much.

Still, we don't have the huge 60" flat screen TV, the cornerstone of every livingroom in the country practically, nor do we have cable. Of course momma HAS to have her high-speed internet connection but cable, nagh, we have managed just fine without it. I actually like NOT having the TV. For back ground noise I usually have my iTunes going or a movie on my laptop. This works out great because I can move it around from room to room in the house and watch or listen whenever or where ever I want. I do have Netflix on my laptop so the kids can watch TV shows or movies and my oldest daughter has a TV in her room where we end up watching lots of movies or playing with the Wii.

Speaking of my oldest daughter, she has me all over town looking for feathers for her hair. They are apparently all the RAGE here. She has quite the collection now which will probably end up lost in her room and last on her list of most important must-have's by next week.

My next big project will be to paint the diningroom table and chairs. Haven't decided on a color.  Leaning towards eggshell.  Boring?

My current work schedule is great except on the last few hours of the 6th 12 hour shift I'm working and my eyeballs feel like they are going to pop out and my back feels like it's on fire. I'm not super woman by any means but if I can manage to work 6 12 hour shifts in a row I am off for 8 days in a row. I loved being a stay-at-home momma and when I'm off for 8 days I feel like I am. Well, I am and  it's all good, until I start classes again in the spring.