Monday, November 14, 2011

photo shoot : graffiti bridge

Yesterday after a trip to the bookstore and purchasing some Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss and Cars 2 books, I decided to take the kiddos to the beach and graffiti bridge in downtown Pensacola for a fun photo shoot. The weather was ever so lovely. The sun was out between some clouds and there was a slight breeze. We didn't get chilly until late in the day. Just a little chilly in November, can't complain.

It was tough getting a shot of the three of them together looking and smiling AT THE SAME TIME...but overall I think it was a succesful shoot. They cooperated some of the time and played most of the time. I love when I catch their little personalities or their random sweetness when holding hands or smiling at eachother in a shot. I use a Canon Powershot which is quite nice when we are out + about.  It fits great in my back pocket.  Serioulsy, I need to buy myself a better camera. Some day.


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  1. Great pictures, Jen and I love the backgrounds! I use a Canon powershot and really haven't gotten off the AUTO setting for most of my pics. I really need to learn some manual adjustment settings to see what I could be doing with it. I hesitate to upgrade to anything else right now until I learn some basics about photography. Great pics from the instagram too. These turned out super cute. Thanks for sharing.


    I couldn't find your email on here. I want to start a sunday spotlight kind of thing on single mom!! I'll email you some questions, and you answer what you'd like and email me back pictures you'd like me to use in the post. I know you're a busy momma but if you're interested please email me!