Saturday, January 14, 2012

boyfriends, blog posts and butterballs

Another new year, geepers. Since my last post my kids and I celebrated Thanksgiving back home in Louisiana, my 40th freakin birthday and Christmas. Wow, that's a lot of good posting material just left out in the cold, literally. I can barely remember Thanksgiving but I'm sure there was something good and juicy about it besides the turkey. Oh, yes, my wonderful boyfriend (I've actually never said that out loud too many times and it seems weird just now typing that word. Boyfriend) anyway, he joined my family and I for Thanksgiving dinner. He met my Grandparents. He is absolutely the LOVE of my life. I think I mentioned a while back that I would dedicate an entire post just for him so I will wait on that to tell you ALL about him. K.

This photo was taken of my mom, two sisters and myself on Thanksgiving day at my Grandparents house.

My birthday came and went and yuck, I totally hated it. Enough said. Christmas was a blur too. I was very sick and could barely crack a smile. Somehow I managed to cook a big ol' turkey, bake and decorate sugar cookies with the kids and made ornaments, but was too sick to prepare the big meal I wanted to make for our first Christmas together, just the four of us. Spent Christmas Eve and morning with my sweet kiddos then they were off to spend time with their dad, their nana and then my parents and family back in Louisiana. It's tough shuffling them around, only because I miss them terribly. I mean TERRIBLY, and they miss me too.

This is my $8 thrifted Christmas wreath. I am seriously and forever more addicted to thrifting and consignment shops. There are several in my town that are fabulous.

This photo was taken at Amber's school Christmas concert. Front row second from the right.

This photo was taken three days before my birthday. Yes, that's the LOVE of my life.

This photo was taken on Christmas Eve afternoon.  Yes, the calm before the storm.

I love the smiles in this photo. A tradition that was started when I was a little girl by my mom involves opening one gift on Christmas Eve, always pajamas.

The holidays had me up and down feeling homesick and missing my family and friends. I've been working a lot, which is nothing new, just though I'd throw that in there and trying to hold it together like a big girl. Some days I just feel like I don't know what I'm doing and have no direction. But, that's just me. I've always been that way, very hard on myself. With that being said, I'm glad the holidays are behind me!

As I'm writing this post, off the top of my head I realize my last few posts have been just recaps and catch-up posts kinda just rambling on about what's happened in the previous few weeks. I seriously need to start blogging more frequently and on a regular basis. I don't really and never did have a set schedule or plan or direction on how and when I'd blog or even what I'd blog about. I usually just start typing and what's fresh on my mind is what makes the cut and that's pretty much it, although sometimes I do get inspiration from other blogs and sites like Pinterest. I am going to make a more conscious effort to post more frequently. You are welcome.

Until next time, and hopefully that won't be a month from now. Oh and did you notice I updated this thing? Thought it needed a new look for the new year.  Hope you like it.


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