Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my thrifting spree :

This morning Ava and I shared some mommy and daughter time browsing the racks of local consignment and thrift shops. I found some amazingly awesome things. Never fails. The shops here are always full of new wonderful items. I always find something and rarely spend more than $20 at each stop. I only realized my new obsession mostly out of necessity just recently. I got tired of looking through the racks at Target and the malls and paying full price. Even things that were on sale weren't very appealing to me. Sale items are always left overs from last seasons styles or picked over things that no one wanted. Consignment shops always have the current season's styles. Thrift shops have everything. It's up to you to search out the good deals.

I shopped Thrift City in New Orleans when I was a kid in high school.  That's where you'd find all the grungiest coolest things. I looked for anything black and retro, stains and holes were a plus. Now-a-days I look for certain labels or vintage, only because the quality will be very good. I'm very choosy now, stains well, they're not a priority anymore. I'm happy when I pay $14 for a pair of $80 jeans.

I am so ready for the summertime. Here are a few photos taken of my treasures from today's spree. I fell in love with the two bags, especially the blue one. It's freakin adorable, the picture really doesn't do it justice. I will be using it A LOT this summer. I also found some jeans too and a pink piano for you know who.
The last photo was taken back in December of some things I bought for Ava and Amber from a consignment shop right around the corner.

Good luck to you on your next trip to buy something new.



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