Friday, February 3, 2012

fabulous friday


Our Friday morning started off with another trip for Ava and I to a thrift store in Pensacola and ended with GUM in the hair. Not mine, hers. And let me tell you, those rumors about peanut butter getting gum out of hair are true! In just ten short minutes we were fabulously happy again. In the mean time, as I was working the gum out of her hair Ava had plenty to say:

Mom, I'm hungry
Can I eat it?
I love you
I want to ride my bike
Can I eat the peanut butter
Are you finished yet?
Can I have some more peanut butter?

In honor of little Ava's mishap we had peanut butter/Nutella and raspberry jelly sandwiches for lunch!  Hope yours is fabulous!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

my thrifting spree :

1. pink seersucker dress for Ava
2.vintage dessert plates 
3. Easter basket JUST like the one I had when I was little
4. pink floral skort for Ava
5. Fossil bag (my favorite item purchased today for just $7.00)

When I got to the register everything was 30% off. I cannot tell you how fun it is to shop for sweet treasures like these and to save so much money. I look forward to using the great summer bags I've found recently and to finding lots more! If you haven't been to a consignment shop or thrift store I suggest you do, you never know, it may become an obsession.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blue Skies

The weather here in the sunshine state is not so sunny today. It's just the opposite, just plain un-sunny. So, I decided I'd post some of my Instagram iphotos of lovely blue skies and beautiful sunsets and sunrises to pep me up...hopefully you will enjoy them too.

You are very welcome.