Tuesday, May 1, 2012

blogged down

Where has the time gone. I suck at blogging folks, just suck at it and at tweeting and even Facebooking. Even my etsy shop has been seriously neglected. Most days I really do think about my blog but just don't have make the time to update. It takes work. Serious work, patience and energy most days I run out of by 9am. In my defense, I have been busy. Busy I tell you and low on energy. Life has me going and I've got the iphotos to prove it.

Nevertheless, I push on, onward towards my next attempt to fill you in on the last few months of this brown eyed girl's life.

March brought my baby boy's fifth birthday, snoballs, horseback riding lessons, trips to the beach, roller skating and a surfboard which I have YET to climb onto. Oh and tons of Instagram iphotos. See below

April brought a visit with Mimi and Poppa and our family in Louisiana, our annual Spring Fling, Amber's very first "Show-deo", beautiful days at the beach, the Louisiana Strawberry Festival, trips to the park and my baby girl Ava's fourth birthday!


Well, that's all I have time for tonight folks. Staring at another 12 hour shift at the hospital tomorrow, then another.  Good night!



  1. You in no way suck at Blogging!!!
    I wish I could blog like you, seriously!!
    I adore this - Thanks for making my day :)

  2. Thank you Miss Henderson! Imma big fan of Audrey too! "Happy girls are the prettiest!"