Monday, August 20, 2012

Back - To - School

I couldn't be more proud of my Kindergartener, my Preschooler and my Seventh Grader! They all had a super terrific first day of school. Whew.

It was a whirlwind from the moment we all jumped out of bed this morning, getting dressed up, eating breakfast, snapping pictures, bringing them each to different schools at different times and then picking them up in the afternoon on schedule. Hearing the excitement in their voices as they each described their day to me was oh so worth it all. Owen loved "everything" about his first day, including the carton of chocolate milk he had with his lunch...this coming from the child who only drinks white milk sippy cups at home. Amber was just glad to not have a big giant green cast on her leg, like her first day of 6th grade and that now she's a 7th grader at the same school, everything is familiar, same old friends and some great new teachers. Ava only had to be told ONCE to be quiet, my little miss chatterbox.  She had a "Green Day" and I am very proud of her.

My kiddos are the best ever. Really.


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